• Why Choose Productive Solutions?
    Why Choose
    Productive Solutions?
    a Behind the Seams interview
  • Consulting Services Helps Companies Navigate Challenges
    growth – performance – technology
  • Productive Solutions consulting services helps business leaders connect the pieces of the puzzle
    strategy – operations – organization
  • Productive Solutions creative design and content development services
    brand management – content – research
  • Productive Solutions helps companies achieve business growth
    Business Development
    opportunities – lead gen – alliances
  • Productive Solutions IT and technology evaluation and implementation services
    guidance – selection – management
Growth Strategy

Develop customer diversification, product development, and market expansion strategies that grow market share.

Content Marketing

Create and distribute relevant and valuable print/online content to attract and drive profitable customer action.

Business Performance

Increase operational performance by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of key business processes and teams.

Digital Transformation

Adopt new technologies business wide to fundamentally change how you operate and deliver customer value.

Growth Solutions for Fashion, Soft Goods, & Technology Companies

In today’s fast-paced and ultra-competitive marketplace, brands, manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers alike are challenged to transform and grow their businesses amid a rapidly evolving set of consumer and industry mandates. Key among their challenges are managing omnichannel sales & fulfillment, reducing costs, increasing product value and innovation, accelerating business processes, adding and retaining customers, finding and training workers, and making IT and other technology investments.

Solving Your Toughest Challenges

  • Expand Growth Opportunities
  • Develop New Business
  • Promote Products & Services
  • Increase Competitiveness
  • Automate & Accelerate Processes
  • Prioritize & Adopt Technology
  • Hire/Train the Best People

To ensure success in this new reality, companies must master every aspect of their operations; from concept to consumer, planning to execution, and product to promotion. While few have the best-in-class competencies needed in all these areas, industry leaders and forward-thinking companies recognize the importance and benefits of reaching outside of their organizations to gain the objective advice, subject matter expertise, and specialized services needed to consistently outperform the competition and sustain growth.

Actionable Advice - Measurable Results

Productive Solutions is a distinctly different type of consulting and services provider. Working as a highly-focused business partner, Productive Solutions leverages a rich history of experience in the apparel, fashion, industrial sewn products, consumer goods, and related industries to deliver the advice and services you need to solve problems and meet tough challenges.

Strategy, Marketing, Business Development, and Technology Solutions

Productive Solutions offers a wide range of industry-focused solutions designed to help you transform, grow, and sustain your business success. Whether your needs are big or small, we can provide the strategic thinking, project management, subject matter expertise, and services you need to advance your business to the next level. Key among our most requested services are:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Research/Analyses
  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Creative and Technical Writing
  • Digital transformation
  • Operational Best Practices
  • Process Improvement
  • Executive Search
  • Objective Technology Evaluation
  • Functional Gap Analysis

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